Love the Giver personalised Jug

£95.00 / Made to Order

This dedicated jug will touch the heart of the receiver.

Inspired by C19 tokens of affection and hand painted in Sunderland lustre style, it features:

- the motto 'Love the Giver' on one side

- the verse 'My heart is fix'd, I cannot range, I love my choice, Too well to change'

- the name of the recipient under the spout

It makes a perfect anniversary present or birthday gift, but as declarations of feeling will work anytime!

This 2 pint slipcast earthenware jug stands 13cm tall.

There will be some variation in the hand painted lustre as can be seen in the pictures here.

Made to order, commissions need to be placed at least a few weeks in advance. Alternative combinations of transfers can be made on request.

When you checkout there is a box labelled 'notes and instructions' where you can add your personalisation.