MADE TO ORDER - large Cranogwen jug

£195.00 / Made to Order

This item is made to order, please drop a line to [email protected]

Featuring drawings by Clive Hicks-Jenkins, this jug has a capacity of over 4 pints and stands 8" high.

Transfer printed and hand painted pink lustre decoration.

Celebrating 'Cranogwen', the Bardic name of Welsh poet and master mariner Sarah Jane Rees (1839 - 1916).

'Cranogwen' is one of the 'Monumental Welsh Women' celebrated in statues around Wales, and given that poetry and seafaring are staples of the lustre tradition we thought she deserved a jug too.

Transfer decorated with drawings by Clive Hicks-Jenkins that imagine how she may have looked in her early days as a sailor in the romantic maritime style of the day. Hand painted pink lustre.

The hand-made nature of our ware means that it is subject to minor imperfections, just like those from the early C19 that are our inspiration. There will be small variation in decoration.