Windrush jug

£85.00 / Made to Order

We are celebrating the 75th anniversary of the arrival of the Empire Windrush at Tilbury Docks on 22nd June 1948 with this special jug featuring verse by Benjamin Zephaniah.

Drop me a line at [email protected] if it's out of stock and I will make one for you.

Decorated with drawings of the ship, its anchor, three of its passengers and the poet, by Brita Granström and Mick Manning, this jug brings the Sunderland lustre tradition of maritime imagery through the twentieth and into the twenty-first centuries.

Lord Kitchener can be seen singing his famous calypso 'London is the Place for Me' on Pathe newsreels of the ship's arrival. Lord Woodbine, also a musician, settled in Liverpool, from where he took the young Beatles to Hamburg! Mona Baptiste travelled from Trinidad aged 19 and went on to a career as a singer and actor in Europe, and is the subject of Benjamin Zephaniah's children's book 'We Sang Across the Sea'.

The ship's anchor currently lies on the Mediterranean sea bed, but there is a campaign to have it located and returned to Britain.

£10 from the sale of this jug will go to the Windrush Foundation.

Transfer printed earthenware. Hand painted in either pink or amber lustre.

This is the smaller of our jug sizes, holding 1 pint and being 11.5 cm tall with a 9cm diameter at base and neck.

The hand-made nature of our ware means that it is subject to minor imperfections, just like those from the early C19 that are our inspiration. There will be some variation in decoration.